As part of the Stage 3 of Canadian Conservation Corps (CCC)'s program, each participant is to create a community service project that identifies a conservation issue in the community that they are interested in and develop service project to benefit the community.

Wildflowers came into fruition through the participant's interest in helping the community by providing and sharing information that fresh vegetables can be accessible by growing it in in any space—whilst doing so, it is also helping natural inhabitants (i.e. butterflies, dragonflies, and etc.) in the area through a pollinator garden.

The mission
Raising awareness about food accessibility for the community and to create an activity or a space that can offer an opportunity for women and children to learn to heal through gardening, growing food, and planting native plants to promote pollination.

The goal
Wildflowers project aims to help women to heal from things that they've experienced and a place for growth & empowerement. The project also aims to create food accessbility for pollinators and for the people who are living in the shelter. Thus, the participant collaborated with The Denise House as part of the Wildflowers project. The Denise House is a non-profit organization located in the Durham region that provides opportunity for women and children.

Financial support
I designed and wrote a grant proposal to receive funding to start this environmental project with the #RisingYouth program—a grant program of the TakingITGlobal organization.

Community events
There are two events that a staff member from The Denise House and I planned at the start of Spring of 2022.
  1. Volunteer event: We built the raised garden beds at The Denise house with the help of friends and staff from the organization. The goal was to raise and present this awareness of why I did this project and why it holds importance to me.  
  2. Educational event: Presented a brief introduction to the residents of The Denise houes about native plants and conservation to the women and kids at The Denise House. Moreover, a promotion of the Canadian Conservation Corps program is presented to help and learn more about the organization.

Materials for the project
  1. Wildflowers zine
  2. Stickers
  3. A giveaway bag that consists of the following: Wildflowers stickers, zine, wildflowers seed packs, CCC guides, and The Denise House information guides.
  4. Presentation about the project and the program.

Photos from the event: